“I walked in and was immediately greeted by Jonathan who asked “how can I help you?”. I responded i need help fixing my glasses. The lens popped out and I took off the screw trying to fix it. Jonathan checked it out and said “I can fix that for you since you have all the parts. He took it and said I’ll be right back and have a seat. I took maybe 5 minutes and he fixed it. I asked how much he would charge, he said ” nothing”. It was a minor repair and if I needed a part, he would charge for the part only. I appreciated his service and recommend this store. I will return with my prescription and get a new pair from here. I went to another place off bishop st but they wouldn’t help me. I found out Jonathan is the eye doctor and the owner.”
Barry K.

“Went in to see if they could fix the hinge on my daughter’s glasses. Took them 15 minutes and a whopping 5 bucks to fix it. AND they said if it breaks again, bring it back and we’ll fix it free of charge. Who does that?! Plus, I saw some frames that I just LOVE. I’ll be back!”
Kay M.

“I tripped downtown on my way to meeting and broke my glasses. I walked in handed my glasses over and they took them fixed them and they me on my way in less than 20 minutes. They didn’t price gouge me and were extremely friendly.

If I lived or worked regularly downtown they would be my go to place.

I recommend them highly.”
Michael G.

“I have to give Dr.Chun and wife 5 Stars mainly because they’re super down to earth and easy to work with.
I don’t really go get my eyes checked yearly as I should so when my eye sight starts to get kinda wonky that’s my cue to make an appointment.

Unfortunately for me I’ve been floating around between doctors because I have never really been satisfied with the service I’ve received in the past.

That all changed when I found Dr. Chun.

My inital visit was a breeze and he was super informative when I had brought up my concerns. So yeah needless to say just come here if you want great service and a super cool wife and husband team to work with.”
Raelynn V.

“Joel is so kind and helpful. I went in thinking I would have to get new glasses since my quest frames from someone else kept breaking and cracking. He graciously said he could put it in his cleaner to get rid of the super glue I’ve been using and find a frame for my lenses. Withing 20 minutes I walked out with a new frame for my lenses for $86. And he said if anything happens or I need an adjustment or anything to just go in and they could help. Just like in previous posts the prices may look high, but the service that you will continually get is amazing. I will definitely be going there from now on with all my eyewear needs. And they also do eye exams and take quest. Great place to go for quality service everytime!”
Tiara I.

“Dr. Lau and his staff are great and professional. Dr. Lau is very attentive to patients’ needs and concerns. The new location downtown is very convenient. My appointments were kept right on schedule and I was able to get back to work quickly.”
Onaona T.

“Dr. Chun was very nice and fixed three pairs of glasses I bought online. Because i bought them online, the frames were too wide for my face and kept falling off. Dr. Chun heated up each frame and shaped them to fit my face. I will definitely come back to the eyewear emporium soon!”
Mallory M.