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Instead of boring you with where I went to school or what academic achievements I have, let me tell you what we believe in and how we are different.... 

We are not a big box store or big company with multiple doctors and many staff.  

I am the only doctor and Mia is the only staff.  

Since we do not work in volume it allows for better communication, quality, and personalized service.

We are not an overcrowded or overbooked office.

We will never overbook, unless emergency, so you will always be seen on time. 

More often than not, you and your family will be the only ones in the office with us during your exam. 


We schedule patients 1 hour apart.

We do this on purpose to give you a quality eye exam and better overall experience

When the doctor has more time, no corners are cut, and you get all your questions answered.  Sure... we less patients on a daily basis, but we end up seeing more happy patients on a daily basis.


OK... I admit this one is a stretch if you don't live or work near downtown but we provide full validation if that helps.  

Quality and Service

Quality and Service can only speak for itself from our patients and customers. 

Please see our reviews online.

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